[#27] Supernova - "クリウンナレ"

From: "4U" (Album)
Released: June 2011 (Single) and November 2011 (Album), Japan
Rating: 3.35

I will seriously find every possible way to include this song in every single year-end list I make, because if you remember, this was also #24 on last year's list. But really, after two years and three versions, it's become one of my all-time favorite K-Pop songs.

There's nothing much to say anymore, because I've said everything in my two other reviews of this song, but I do have to say that the Japanese version has a much better flow, courtesy of the nature of the Japanese language. That flow provides a really nice contrast to the very stiff, slightly packed instrumental.

And those drums, my gosh those drums. They not only sound real, they FEEL real. It's the type of drums that literally makes your heart pound along, but they also give the song much-needed dynamics. The type of drum, the rhythms it plays, and the manner in which it was executed was spot-on.

Lace all of that with a smooth but punchy piano line, strong vocals and an exploding chorus, and well, you have brilliance. How this song was not a hit will forever be beyond me.


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