[#22] Secret - "Neverland"

Just a quick reminder of what this list actually is -- it's a list of my favorite songs this year. So whether that is "credible" or not is really none of my business, these are the songs I enjoyed listening to this year, along with justifications on why I liked them. That's it.

From: "Moving in SECRET" (Album)
Released: October 2011, South Korea
Rating: 3.5

The deal-breaker that ultimately put this on the list instead of "Together", is that horrid rap part on "Together" that really doesn't match the song and makes me cringe every single time. If not for that, "Together" would've been gorgeous from head to toe. But "Neverland" is too!

Again with the balance -- parts of the song remind me of pre-"Magic" Secret, with that hint of innocence and that somewhat generic R&B sound. But actually, they pull off that sound pretty well! And you can see that their sound now, albeit not that much more mature and still a bit confused around the edges ("Shy Boy" sticks out like a sore thumb, I tell you), is definitely much more sophisticated in terms of production and execution. In short, they have more money now.

But really, the melody is gorgeous, and the instrumental, though simple, does the trick. With those seemingly distant strings and that thumping, yet gentle, bass line. And actually, the whole song sounds very gentle, even how they treated the higher parts, everything sounds rounded and gentle. Kinda like a chiffon cake, to be honest with you. (I'm sorry, you guys must be saying "AGAIN WITH THE FOOD ANALOGIES!")

So that's why I used to use this as my lullaby!


  1. YEEE I liked Neverland, too.

    And the food analogies (ugh, nearly typed, "allergies"... IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR)

    I felt like the only reason Shy Boy would stick out awkwardly would be that it was a transition period. When kids hit puberty, suddenly, they can't just wear t-shirts and shorts and roll in the mud, they have to try things they're not used to in order to figure out who they're going to be as an adult.


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