[#19] T-Ara - "Cry Cry"

From: "Black Eyes" (Mini-Album)
Released: November 2011, South Korea
Rating: 3.60

So many acts proved me wrong in 2011, including T-Ara in the latter half of the year. I've never really liked T-Ara singles, and apart from a few album tracks I liked here and there, none of their major releases were really exceptional songs to me. They were almost always exceptionally bad, to be completely honest with you, what with "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and "Yayaya" leading the pack.

However, "Cry Cry" is in a league of it's own as far as T-Ara singles are concerned. First of all, it completely disregards my theory that Core Contents only knows how to produce two kinds of songs - cheesy, cheap uptempos, and stunning ballads - because even if this is kinda like a ballad, it doesn't fall into the likes of Co-Ed School's "The Words That Make My Heart Beat", and it most definitely isn't a cheap uptempo either.

It's like they put together the two styles, took the best, and added some finishing touches here and there. It's catchy, it has this cool dance break, and it's sophisticated. That sophistication is what I've been looking for from T-Ara for like forever.

This song also finally, truly, convinced me that T-Ara CAN indeed sing (I can hardly remember them from their debut, actually, I don't know who's who), and that all those cutesy songs weren't just to hide the lack to talent, but were a disgrace, because they're a lot better than a handful of over female idols. It's probably more of an injustice than Luna's injustice on practically every f(x) song, because it concerns majority of the band.

I get the impression that they're trying to make "Cry Cry" some kind of mexican-ish song like MBLAQ's "Mona Lisa", but they failed and settled for a late 1990's Britney/Christina/every other Maratone and/or Max Martin-produced boyband/pop princess sound, which works for me too! Clean, but not too clean, production, a smooth, well-sung, melody, and everything in between make for a song I've looped countless times.


  1. As much as I love this song, this song is extremely unfair in lines' distribution. Sure I love Hyomin and Soyeon's vocal, but seriously? They sang almost ALL of the songs, with Jiyeon getting her decent share. The rest of them? Eunjung getting mere few lines, Hwayoung always getting nonexistent rap, Q-ri only does the opening, and Boram only got "Let's dance" for God's sake! I like this song, but it's not quite the best for a group song and that way, I much more prefer "Roly Poly"... it does justice for all members (except, again, Hwayoung... what's actually this girl doing?) and it has catchy tune every catchy song needs.



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