Tagumpay. Success.

(English version to come tomorrow, when I'm more sane)

Hindi ko alam kung bakit lumalabas sa wikang Filipino yung mga iniisip ko, pero ayun, Filipino ang gagamitin ko.

Tagumpay. Ang tamis ng tagumpay. Ngayon ko lang lubos na naintindihan ang totoong ibig-sabihin ng apat na salitang iyon. Matamis ang tagumpay. Napakatamis. Apat na taon akong naghintay. Apat na taon akong naghirap. At apat na taon akong walang-sawang umasa. Ito ang katapusan ng paghihitay ko.

(switching back to English now ;D)

Pop Reviews Now was named the best Culture and Arts blog (Luzon) at the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards. Pop Reviews Now is now an award-winning blog. I am now an award-winning blogger and writer.

I'll get to all the nitty gritty tomorrow morning when I'm less sleepy and more aware of things, but I'd just like to thank EVERYONE for not only putting up with me and my absenceS, but going the extra mile and supporting me. It means so much.


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