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I think it's no secret to any of us that the people who read PRN, and who comment on my reviews, are very outspoken, and have a lot to say about music. That often leads of debates and heated discussions on the blog, which I generally welcome. Well, I'm taking advantage of that this year, because I'm asking YOU guys to choose YOUR favorite songs of 2011.

One of my "missions" on PRN is to encourage other music fans to think critically about the music they listen to, regardless of genre or style - I'm not the only one who does the thinking here, you guys should too. And so, while I'm coming up with a list of my 50 favorite songs from the year, I think you guys should too. Well, not fifty songs, but close!

So here's what to do. Choose your favorite Korean (language, nationality, etc.) release of the year, adhering to majority of the rules of my top 50 countdown (apart from the rules about multiple releases). In 3-5 sentences explain why it's your favorite song of the year, but make it as packed and as complete as possible. Why do you like it? What do you like? What DON'T you like? Please keep in mind that you have to justify your opinion in a musical manner -- melody, arrangement, style, etc. You may also discuss it from the standpoints of why it became a hit (if it was) or why it flopped (if it did), as long as you can justify your opinion.

Once you have your 3-5 sentences, either comment on this post with your review, or send it in to with the subject "My Favorite Song of 2011". Please include your name (no anonymous comments please!) and a way I can contact you, preferably an e-mail address or a Twitter username.

You have until Christmas day, December 25, to send in your entries! I'll choose the top five entries and post them up on December 31, after revealing my favorite song of the year.

Go go go! ^_^


  1. IU - "You and I"

    I really enjoy this year and it's really hard for me to pick only one between these bunch of awesome songs. However, since I can just ditch the whole musicality etcetc and just follow my heart to pick a "favorite song", I'll pick IU's "You and I". At first I'm not amazed and my first thought is: "Okay, isn't this just Good Day: Part 2?" Luckily, IU, or I should credit LOEN too for this, prove me wrong. "You and I" probably isn't the best out of her album, but it's a song that I found more and more attractive the more I listen to it. It's not boring even if I repeat this song non-stop for the whole day, and the next day, and the next day... xD Some songs are good but at some points it felt boring, and IU's "You and I" managed to capture my heart and never let it go. I don't know what to say about this song musical-wise since I'm not a music expert, but I guess it's safe to say that "You and I" has gorgeous melody and amazing orchestra-ic sounds. Not to mention that IU has one awesome vocal.

    Honestly, though I always find IU way better than those bunch of idols, I never really turn into her fan before this song.... IU MANSE! ^^

    Another close candidate: T-Ara - "Roly Poly" and KARA - "Step"

    - noi (

  2. Hey, Nikki, I'm curious if you will ever follow up on posting your top 5 entries that were submitted? It's been over a month since 2011 ended, and I'm really curious what your readers picked as their favorite songs. Or perhaps you didn't find any entries that were worthy to be presented on your blog?


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