[#48] 4Minute - "Mirror Mirror"

From: "4Minutes Left" (Album)
Released: April 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.28

2011 for 4Minute pales in comparison to 2010, in my humble opinion, because "HuH" will forever be the best 4Minute single ever. Unless of course they shape up and Cube decides to invest on some better songs for them. But "Mirror Mirror" was okay.

The song's very 4Minute, slightly cheap and whiny, but Jiyoon's bridge changes everything. If I could, I'd just put her bridge on the list and scrap the rest of the song, because the hook, albeit a bit melodic (A BIT), is annoying and too repetitive.

But enough of the bad points, this is, after all, the 48th best song of the year. One thing that's good about "Mirror Mirror" is that, although the song's still extremely packed with so many things happening at the same time, it still has some semblance of dynamics, with the verse going to that stunning bridge and straight into the far too repetitive hook, and back to "earth" with the second verse. It sounds like a fair compromise.

But really, 4Minute should sing more. Cube already knows what songs fit 4Minute, the problem is that it's like they always have this urge to slip in some of the most annoyingly horrid hooks. The verses and THE BRIDGE are perfectly fine, well-produced and well-done even, but all hell breaks loose when the chorus comes in.

Give me better material in 2012, 4Minute. That's an order.


  1. You've pretty much nailed it. "Mirror Mirror" is a decent song, with some problems. I think it's catchy though. Gets stuck in my head for a little while, sometimes.

    I'm curious, though, if you've heard their new (not officially released, I think?) Japanese single, "Ready Go" yet.


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