[#26] 2PM - "모르니(Don't You Know)"

From: "Hands Up" (Album)
Released: June 2011, South Korea
Rating: 3.37

Surprise, surprise. After a rather dismal year in terms of material, 2PM manage to sneak their way onto my best of list. But it's not without grounds of course, because "Don't You Know" is possibly my favorite 2PM song ever, tied with "Like A Movie", and it was another situation where I was literally debating about the two songs just before I started writing this review, because I like them both equally and they both have their merits. But of course, you know which won in the end.

The reason why I chose this is that even if "Like A Movie" is a really gorgeous song with epic-ness slapped all over it and a gorgeous melody, it's not fun. And if you guys remember the "10 Points Out of 10" days, you know that 2PM was ALL about flipping around-happy, and, like a lot of other songs on this list, "Don't You Know" is a balance between the mature 2PM now, and the fun 2PM they used to be.

But of course, it in itself is a gorgeous song, with a gorgeous melody, that has managed to use the guy's not-exactly-amazing voices to make the song work. Extremely well. "Don't You Know" is catchy, it's fun, and despite the heavy instrumental, it sounds very light and it literally feels like you're gliding through the entire song. Even during Khun's singing parts, yes.

And, another very important aspect of the song is that it's singable. The melody, although it sounds high for the guys, is actually in a comfortable humming and/or whistling range, which makes it even catchier than it already was to start with.

Throw everything together, and really, you have your staple "end of concert let's run around stage pouring water all over each other tralalalalaaaaaaa" song, which, in this case, is a gorgeous song in itself.


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