[#29] After School Red - "In The Night Sky"

From: "The 4th Single Album - RED" (Single)
Released: July 2011, South Korea
Rating: 3.20

Yes, I know the loop they used was the same one on "Shady Girl", and I know that this is definitely not the Brave Brothers' best song ever, but one, I LIKE "Shady Girl", and two, I LIKE "In The Night Sky". It's catchy.

Of course, it's blasphemy for ruining Jung Ah's amazingly strong vocals, and it's already served it's punishment. If they hadn't made Jung Ah sound like a mouse on this track, it would've been in the top half of my list. But they did, so it's not.

But really, even if it wasn't the "fierce" we were all expecting, it's actually a pretty good song. It's melodic, it's catchy, and it's not the type of song you get sick of after a few hours of looping it. I know, because it's the most-played song on this year's top 50 list. You'll have to wait to see if it's my most-played song of the year over-all, but yes, that means a lot.

I think more than "fierce", "In The Night Sky" is fresh. It has a relatively simple instrumental, with a few loops here and there, matched with light, high-pitched but rounded, synths, and surprisingly, a piano line buried under the verses. Also, I love the transitions on this - clean, but they always find a way to make them like tiny explosions.

Now I think I have another food analogy for this song. Instead of cookies, or a cheesecake, or decadent chocolate, "In The Night Sky" is kinda like Nerds. Yes, the candy. They're really sweet, they taste good, but instead of completely taking over your mouth and killing you in the process, they have all these mini-explosions. Yup, definitely Nerds.


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