[#38] G.NA - "Banana (featuring SWINGS, JC JiEun)"

From: "Top Girl" (Mini Album)
Released: August 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.70

I know I hated the album, and I know I said that this song was the most disappointing of them all, but for a lot of decisions on this list, I went with my gut feeling, not my brain, so you'll have to forgive me. However, that doesn't mean I can't justify why I like it. I can. And I will.

"Banana" is a slow burn, it takes time to appreciate the monotonousness of it all, laced with the slight bits of melody and the too-low verse. I still think she should've sung the verses in a higher range, based on both the recording and the pathetic live performances, but the song has good points too.

For starters, the bridge is gorgeous, AND in the right range, and when you play the chorus in high volumes it sounds amazing. The bass line, although not very audible, sneaks up on you. It makes you feel more than think, and remember what I always say? Music is half heard and half felt. If you can't feel anything while listening to a song, you're only getting half of the picture.

And as a whole, sound-wise "Banana" reminds me a lot of something the likes of the ill-fated Paula DeAnda, Samantha Jade, and maybe even Cassie, might sing in order to unsuccessfully relaunch their non-existent careers. And Cube did a REALLY good job with the teaser for this song, it made me think it was a lot better than it actually is.

But "Banana" isn't that bad. It's actually pretty good, the more you listen to it.


  1. This song really stuck with me this year. I only heard it a couple of times, but I just kept going back to it. It's a good thing it got banned though, because her live performances were so blah.


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