[#31] Super Junior M - "Destiny"

From: "Perfection" (Mini-Album)
Released: March 2011, China
Rating: 3.05

I will neither confirm nor deny the presence of any other Super Junior songs on the countdown, but if you've read any of my tweets concerning their releases this year, you'll probably be able to guess whether or not you'll see them on my list. But anyway, Super Junior M were brought back this year, complete with a mindless and empty lead single, but I managed to find this gem buried in their mini-album.

It was actually between this and the Chinese version of "My All Is In You", but seeing as I'd heard that song way too many times in both Korean and Chinese and apart from the lyrics there wasn't that big a difference in the versions, I went with "Destiny". It's fresher to the ears, and has a heavier, but ever so slightly more epic sound.

"Destiny" sounds like it came straight out of the soundtrack of "Meteor Garden", or some Taiwanese drama that was blown out of proportion so they made this really elaborate opening sequence, complete with a song by this HUGE star. Yup, sounds about right. I mean come on, can't you imagine this montage of all the actors and their characters flashing during the chorus? Can't you?

It's got a really pretty melody, accented by all your standard soundtrack instrumentation, complete with a string section. And really, who can go wrong with such a gorgeous song?


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