[#47] Kim Hyun Joong - "Smile"

Enough emoting about my Philippine Blog Award, and back to our regular programming this December. ^_^

From: "Lucky" (Mini Album)
Released: October 2011, South Korea
Rating: 2.35

Kim Hyun Joong can't sing. That is a fact. But that doesn't stop modern recording from making it seem like he can. And "Smile" is a pretty song, so it's only right for them to make it sound as if Hyun Joong has some semblance of a voice. (He should totally hang out with Jaejoong more, maybe absorb some of JJ's godly vocals.)

"Smile" is on the list because it's a pretty song, very soothing, very calming, and actually, if someone with a more capable voice were to sing it, the calm aspect would probably be in danger. That is, if the voice wasn't 100% capable. So actually, the combination of Hyun Joong's voice and the song is pretty good.

And the reason why this is on my list is because it's a really, really, really pretty song. Not gorgeous or stunning. Pretty. The type that makes you want to smile like a creep because it's too pretty. The guitar lines, the water droplet sounds, the pretty flute, the very lax dynamics -- pretty. If you depend too much on technology, one day it will become obsolete and you will be left with the parts of the song which weren't dependent on technology. While Kim Hyun Joong isn't the most talented of the bunch, at least when technology disappears he still has an actual song.


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