Nick Lachey - All In My Head

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I got too carried away watching Rain videos(lame excuse, I know but it's true!) that I didn't notice the time.
Ever since I heard his 'wimpy excuse for a song' version of Patience, I kinda lost interest and respect for Nick Lachey. Patience is one of these songs you should never even attempt to cover if you're nowhere near Gary Barlow because it was such a big hit and people will always equate the song to Take That. So for the past few months I didn't really pay any attention to him until I heard the new song.

2009 may have started out real slow and a lot of acts were dropped and/or disbanded but the quality of the pop that's coming out is a lot better than say, 2008.

The starts out really cool, it reminds me of a more processed Teddy Geiger song but something about the elements make you expect a huge, epic chorus and you do get one. It slowly builds up and when the chorus hits it's like it was meant to hit you like that. In comes the second verse and it's slightly more tense than the first - it builds up quicker. The middle-8 is spectacular - if I may say so.

It doesn't have the most gorgeous melody in the world but the song as a whole made me want to hear more songs like this and made me curious as to what he's trying to do with his next album.



  1. oh god! It's quite good! SO much better than Patience. BTW you got me all hooked on the click five again :)


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