Five of the best boyband love songs from the most uncommon suspects..

Really, REALLY late for Valentine's day but it's better late than never, right? Plus, I'll be ending the boyband special pretty soon as well.. aww.

Boyband love songs are made to be sung at the end of concerts and to make all the girls burst into tears, it's a fact of life I'm afraid. Westlife are synonymous with these kinds of songs, they are after all 'the kings of the ballad' but most other boybands have these kinds of songs, so which ones really make the girls cry?

But there's a little twist on this post that I didn't tell you about. These ballads are all from the most unlikely boybands. They may seem tough or really have a reputation of not singing a lot of ballads but whatever it is, as long as majority of their stuff aren't ballads(that don't talk about regret or the girl leaving them..), they qualify. haha.

Another Level may seem like this really tough, 'street'-ish band but they do have a soft side, you know. From The Heart is epic, AND it was on the Notting Hill soundtrack(which also had Ronan Keating's debut single in it..) so it was relatively big. YouTube won't let me embed the video but it's here if you want to see it.

East 17 was another very 'street'/urban band during their time so it was surprising that their biggest hit was a ballad, Stay Another Day. It's gorgeous though, if I may say so. Girls Aloud did a version as well, it was a b-side to something and they performed it the night they were crowned Christmas number one for their first and only time(haha..).

Blue were like the Another Level of their time and they had one big hit here in Asia, Best In Me. They're not known that much for their 'proclamation of love' songs so they qualify, OK? haha. Defensive, much? Anyway, I love the melody and isn't Duncan hot? haha, my boyband addiction coming out.

I know that the penultimate NSYNC ballad is This I Promise You but I do like Music of My Heart much better so that's the one I'll be talking about. Just like the other songs, it's absolutely gorgeous and it got them an Emmy nomination!(correct me if I'm wrong..) The video's standard 90's boyband as well, they just stand there while translucent people walk by and bla bla bla.. I've got a thing for videos like that though, I like! haha. BRILLIANT song.

Speaking of NSYNC, 5ive were supposed to be Simon Cowell/Britain's answer to the aforementioned boyband so obviously, they had a lot of uptempos and dance-y stuff. They still however, made time for a few ballads and Until The Time Is Through is my favorite, plus the fact that it was a single so you probably already know it.. hmm. pretty song.


  1. OMG! BLUE!!! and Best in Me was my 2nd favorite from them! :) I remember when they first came out, I was hell bent on hating them because my 15yr old self thought that they were formed to rival my Westlife boys and even put a stop on their UK Charts domination. LOL. but yea, they eventually charmed my 15yr old self with their song If You Come Back and my 15yr old self was a goner after that. :D


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