Think my one-off 'Spur of the moment, short reviews' post, only with stuff people have sent in. These are the new artists and stuff that people have sent to me and surprisingly, I've loved all of them! haha. Poppy goodness.

Believe me when I say that I know almost absolutely nothing about British bands because it's true. Heck, I haven't even heard a single album from Keane or bands like that, let alone an Oasis album or something. One day I got sent a link for this band called The Days(who're so unknown they don't even have a wiki entry yet! I checked!) and I loved it, it sounds so Brit(at least the Brit I've heard.) and it's fun but not like the Ting Tings(The Ting Tings are in a league of their own, they're annoyingly awesome!), they're not annoying but they're pretty awesome! You can check their myspace out here, and don't forget to buy the single, I recommend it! haha.

We go from Britain to Canada, with this new song by Andi. I've seen her song all over the place but I never really bothered to listen to it until I got sent the song and believe me, the first time I heard it I was amazed. Good Morning Sun is an even poppier She&Him song and she sounds like a lighter Feist. It's catchy though, really catchy. If this is where pop is going, then I sure as hell hope the industry doesn't die before artists and songs like this finally get the attention they deserve. You can head over to her myspace here and watch the video below(it's err... cute.).. Me want more!

In other music news, I've been told that the new Radio Disney Jams is out(they're at volume 11!) and yes, a boyband has made it into the compilation! haha. Varsity Fanclub's Future Love is on the album, which is apparently out now!

And something that I just discovered a while ago, The Cheetah Girls have apparently split up. WHY am I always the last person to know these things? Shame, TCG was an amazing album full of pop/R&B confections..


  1. i'm loving The DAys. Keep meaning to write about them and keep getting scooped :P Oh well all publicity is good. And i got the Disney Jams with Varsity Fanclub on :) Aces. Now i just need a high quality version of the Darin-written V Factory song and i'll be in heaven!

  2. haha.. yeah. Publicity is good.


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