Tania Christopher - Just Like You

I honestly had no idea who this girl was until today and I'm baffled.
I honestly think 2009 will be one of the most amazing years music has ever had and this girl just solidifies my thoughts. From what I'm getting, she's young(somewhere in the realm of JoJo and Bayje) and she has a good enough voice to compete with the others in her genre. I've heard Hypnotized, it's amazing, I've heard Show Me, it's just as amazing but Just Like You shows me how good she really is and that there's actually a future for her in music.

It's like a mix of a Lady GaGa song(during the verses..) with the fun that Chris Brown's Forever effortlessly has plus the 'empowering' Disney lyrics, in a class all on it's own. Last year's fun hit song was Forever and this is slowly becoming my favorite fun/R&B/dance-ish song of the year, easily. Could it be a US hit? Not sure but if it is, she'll go a long way.

The Rating: 5/5!!!


  1. I really like this! Thanks for the tip.

  2. No prob! haha. Am still playing the song three hours later! haha.

  3. ooo it's very catchy isn't it? How lovely!! Happy valentines day!


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