New Music!

Sorry for not posting in ages, have been busy with school and nothing extremely exciting has been happening so I waited for all the new stuff to flow in..
  • I know I've said that by the few songs that've been circulating from the Hannah Montana movie, I wasn't so impressed with the soundtrack. One new song off it though has done all the right things. Always Find Your Way Back Home is standard Disney/Hannah Montana, catchy melodies and lyrics about dreams and home and friends but this song has the most gorgeous melody. Haha.
  • There's a new BoA song out, I Did It For Love and aside from the strange laughing, it's not that bad. There are parts that just explode but I'm still a bit uncomfortable about her singing in English and I can't seem to forget how bad Eat You Up was but oh well, this is a bit better.
  • The Veronicas did a stripped version of Burnin' Up and may I say, it's not that bad. I wouldn't listen to it for no reason but I wouldn't take it out of my library either!
  • I FINALLY got The Saturdays' Comic Relief single in HQ and I've been listening to it heaps. I kind of like the Wideboys Radio Edit, it's not that different from the original track..
  • I know I'm a year and something late but I'm slowly getting addicted to Adele. I've heard the first three tracks on the album and I love them all! Will listen to the rest later..
  • There're three new Jordin Sparks clips, Let It Rain is amazing, Walking On Snow is even more amazing but Papercut is BRILLIANT!
  • It's official, following their first ever BRIT, it was announced that Untouchable will be the next single off Out of Control! haha. I love the song..
  • Speaking of the BRITs, Duffy was the big winner that night, she won three out of her four nominations but the Ting Tings' performance with Estelle was the best part of the night for me, WHY DIDN'T THEY WIN???????!!!!! Garrr.
hmm.. more coming this week, watch out!


  1. Paper cut is freaking amazing

    I love Untouchable but i have played it SO MUCH now that by the time it is a single i will be totally bored of it. I have a new yen for Rolling Back The Rivers.

    And i am totally hot to trot for the wideboys remix of JCGE, just as i preferred the YOAD remix of Walk This Way a few years back.

  2. I know! It's even more amazing than I said it was!

    Not a big fan of RBTR.. but it's not bad either..

    haha yup! haha.

  3. Golden Rules (bside to Just Can't Get Enough) is pure perfection! It overshadows the a side track imo...


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