Presenting... The Pop Reviews Now Awards!!!!!

Yesss! We're only a month away from Pop Reviews Now's FIRST anniversary and I thought it would be apt to celebrate all the new music that came out during my year online. Thus, the Pop Reviews Now Awards are here! I have shortlists and a few winners already but there are categories I need a little help in, so starting today, you guys can VOTE for your favorites in some of the major awards. Here's a complete list of the awards:Non-Voting Categories(I'll choose the winners!)
Best Live Album
Best EP
Best Compilation/Soundtrack
Best Unreleased/Standalone Song
Best Pop Act
Best Collaboration(live or recorded)
Best Band
Best New Artist
Best Website
Best MySpace
Who'll make it huge in the near future

Voting Categories(YOU choose!)
Best Album
Best Single
Best Album track
Best Female Solo
Best Male Solo
Best Music Video

And as I thought it would be really messy to put the awards here, I've created a new site just for the awards. The link will be up on the nav bar later but if you want to view it now..


  1. I voted...Such a good idea, Nikki!

    And so you know -- my interview with Red Blooded Women is up! :)

  2. Hey there, I'm proud to give you the DARDOS award. it's an award for outstanding contributions of bloggers to the web. visit my site for details. :D


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