New Music!

It's been three days since my last new music post and there's already heaps more! That's what I'm talking about, people! Keep the new music gushing in!
  • I've heard the new Lady Sovereign single in HQ already, I love it even more! Will be eagerly waiting for her album.
  • There's a new Paula DeAnda song out called Roll the Credits, and I love it! I love her stuff, can you believe I actually bought her physical album? Haha, it's brilliant. I so cannot wait for her new album, if it's half as good as her first then it'll be brilliant.
  • Thanks to Poster Girl, I am now addicted to Chris Brown's Froze. I mean, why wouldn't I? I'm pretty sure he won't be able to emulate what he did with Forever this year but this is close! Melodically it's just brilliant and then you add everything else and if he keeps on making songs like this, he might be able to give Craig David a run for his money!
  • There's also another song with a similar title that I'm massively addicted to at the moment, Frozen. So it's a RedOne song by Tami Chynn(am getting her first album.. she seems interesting) with Akon, what a surprise. It's not the radically different but not RedOne that I want but it's pretty close! Still, RedOne makes the most amazing melodies you can ever have in dance songs so you gotta give some credit where it's due.
  • Lady GaGa's Cherrytree Sessions EP is out, and I LOVE it! We've heard the acoustic version of Poker Face(which is brilliant..) and Just Dance already but Eh, Eh(Nothing Else I Can Say) is another song to add to my 'brilliance' playlist! With an electric piano and a human beatbox, you CANNOT go wrong! haha.
  • Out On The Floor is the new JLO song and it's rumored to be her new single, I LOVE IT! The only JLO song I really loved was Hold You Down but this is brilliance, I might just be anticipating her album! I have Brave but for some reason I never listened to it, maybe I will tonight(any suggestions on which I should love or skip?). haha.
  • A year late but I'm kind of, sort of, er.. loving last year's winning Eurovision song. I like it, it's Russian, right? Blame the British Eurovision show for letting me hear it!
  • Speaking of the devil, the British Eurovision entry sucks! It's a bland, tasteless Idol winner's song, made worse by Jade's generic diva wannabe voice(I have this liking for the twins.. they're interesting and very Brit..).
  • Nick Lachey? Covering, no slaughtering, Take That's Patience? I didn't think it was humanely possible but it is! He not only slaughtered the song though, I hear it's gonna be a single! Hmmmm. I like the song but he made it all wimpy, eeeeew.
  • So now that the Cheetah Girls are no more, Adrienne has two songs on the Shopaholic soundtrack(I bought the book last Friday, haven't opened it yet though! haha.) and I'm liking them. Not loving yet but if I hear both in full I might love them. haha.
That much? In three days? I'm a happy blogger!


  1. Quite a J.Lo fan - I love Brave, Forever, Hold It Don't Drop It, Do It Well & Wrong When Your Gone! - Skip Gotta Be There - Not so good....

  2. I've heard 'Brave' already, it's OK. Will listen to the others later tonight..

  3. Ha, I was just going to say that Aaron wrote up a review of that Jennifer Lopez album!

    It makes me so happy that you like "Froze" :D

    I'm really interested to hear the whole Shopaholic soundtrack--it sounds like it could have some good songs on it!

    New Paula DeAnda? I've got to go find it!

  4. haha, will have to read that review.

    Oh yes, I do love the song, it's everything I love in an R&B ballad! haha.

    I know! Very metropolitan and since the book's supposed to be based in London I hope we get at least a few Brit pop songs in it..

    I love it! It's like a song on her debut. Forgot what it is and I'm on my way to bed so I'm too lazy to check which one.. haha.


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