New Music!

AAAH! A LOT has happened since I last posted, but the concert last night was amazing, and all the hard work paid off. I'm back to posting now, but I'm a bit disconnected and what I write may be a bit stiff for my liking. I'm annoyed and pissed off so bear with me, alright?

A lot of new videos, so a lot of stuff to catch up on.
  • I'm loving one of Natasha Hamilton's solo songs, Find Your Way. It's brilliant!
  • The new Alesha Dixon album is out, and I was curious. I don't like the lead single, but there were a few tracks that were just gorgeous. Is it just me who thinks that the start of Hand It Over sounds a lot like the Namie Amuro track Baby Don't Cry?
  • I've finally heard the new Jessica Mauboy album, and I'm in love with it. If this is how Australian music is rubbing off on me(Delta Goodrem, Ricki-Lee!!), then I seriously want to hear more!
  • The video for Jesse McCartney's new single is out! The song is just amazing.
  • The NKTOB single now has a video, with all the German and royalty going on. That plus the talking knights and the processed vocals just freaks me out. 
  • There's a new Chris Brown song out, Believer. I don't know what it's for, but I'm loving it. Although Forever is still my favorite from him.
  • Oh, the video for the second single from Catfights and Spotlights is out. Not liking the video, but I love the song! haha..
  • The deluxe edition of Duffy's debut album is out, I'm gonna give the new tracks a listen sometime this week.
I guess that's it. I'm going to try and write more this week!


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