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So before the series started and once I'd heard Start Of Something for the first time, I thought this would be another HSM wannabe, and I was partially right.

The main thing that I like about this series is that the characters don't have these wimpy nasal voices that just put you off, they can actually sing for a change. You've got one strong female voice, Rana Roy who plays Lola, and two mind-blowing, jaw-dropping ones, Sapphire Elia and Georgina Hagen who play Claudine and Lauren respectively. Then you've got the guys, who're just as amazing as each other. They can actually sing, and they do it extremely well, singing these brilliant songs.

The only thing I didn't see coming was this set of songs. Sure, there are tons of songs that I just can't stand, but there are 7 that just stand out. Wanna see which ones I was blown away with and which just didn't make the cut? Just click to enlarge..
Lemme focus on the seven songs that just blew me away, OK?

Best Of Me, which was featured on the first episode, is a cool mid-tempo song. The verses are OK, the bridges are a bit strange for me, but once the chorus kicks in, just makes me fall in love with it. Everything about it, the vocals, the melody and the production are all amazing.

Watch This Space was one of my early favorites. It took me the soundtrack release to love Best Of Me, but with this song, the minute I heard it on the show, it was amazing. I fell in love with the song, a brilliant ballad that sort of shifts over to a pop-y masterpiece. The mix of the two voices, one ballad-driven and the other more pop princess-like, just gives the song a cool edge.

Wake Up is indescribable. I love the verses, I worship them and the chorus is just so perky that it makes me wanna shoot whoever wrote this song. The other thing about this song is that it sounds so Brit, it's not too obvious that it's trying to be another HSM if you just hear this song, it sounds very pop band-y. AMAZING! If I could, I'd give the song a 10/5..

The Things That We Don't Say is one of those songs that attracted me with the chorus, but by listening to it more and more, I fell in love with the whole song. The vocals are strong, but this song just wins you over with the melody, simple yet brilliantly pulled off.

I remember getting goosebumps and nearly crying when I first saw Proud performed on the show. The again simple melody, and the strong vocals just make a striking song, that makes you stop whatever your doing and just listen. It's something that I think is very hard to do, with all these complicated, heavy songs coming out now.

Do It all Over Again is one of the two best of the brilliant songs on this album for me. It is what it is, an amazing pop song that just makes all these American R&B/dance artists want to hide under a rock and never come out, for me at least. The song is just amazing, the verses are mind-blowing beyond words and the chorus just complements the beyond brilliant verses. That plus the ultra-pop middle eight and the song is perfectly perfect. I can't say anything else about it, I might not do it enough justice.

The other song that I think is the best of the brilliant on the album is Picking Up The Pieces. The verses are really, really strong, the bridge sung by Lola is a bit awkward but once you get past the kind of shaky first verse into to the chorus and the rest of the song, it just gives me goosebumps. I can't describe how much this song hits all the right spots, but it does, and it does it extremely well, enough to make it my favorite song on the album along with Do It All Over Again and one of the most gorgeous songs I've heard this year.


  1. Agree with your review. Their songs are different from HSM.
    I just wish that Britannia High won't do all music-video kind of thing in the show though. I prefer those natural moment like they did in the last song of Claudine's episode - Growing Pains, rather than those dancing to the ghost-related-song.

    Well, that is choreographic. Other than that, I love the soundtrack, finding it a lil bit weird that Start of Somethin is different than the tv version, prefer the tv version of Proud. If you were nearly cry, I had already cried while watching those episode. :D


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