Take That - The Circus

OK, so this review is purely an opinion, if you have something to say otherwise, I'm open to hearing it, but please don't attack my opinions because they're mine.

I love the lead single, Greatest Day, but I'm not that impressed with the album, I think Beautiful World is a better album in terms of consistency of amazing tracks. OK, there are some gorgeous songs on it with some amazing vocals but for me, I'm not adoring it. There are some tracks that I like a lot, but some tracks that I just don't like.

Let's start with the songs I like.

Obviously, Greatest Day is one of them. I adore the song, I haven't gotten sick of it yet which is a good sign and it remains one of the better tracks on the album. That's a bit strange for me, because once an album comes out and if I liked the single prior to the album release, I tend to find a song I like more than the single. Oh well, it's an amazing song.

Then, I'm loving Said It All. Very Take That-y, and a possible single, as it sounds a lot like a lighter Greatest Day. The song itself is amazing, and I love it when the chorus kicks in, I love how well it's done. I love the song, the simple melody but the way the guys manage to make it this super cool ballad-ish song.

The last song I'm loving is Hold Up A Light. Seriously, I love the song, it's brilliant, probably my favorite on the whole album. The verses are SHEER BRILLIANCE and how the song escalates is so Take That, it can be clearly heard. Brilliant song, best on the album, seriously.

I personally don't like the rest of the songs that much, but they're very Brit, what Take That think British music should sound like, and it's very precise, it's not scared or anything. The songs aren't afraid to let people hear what they are, the songwriters didn't pull back, and were very confident in stating what kind of album they wanted people to hear.

I don't know, the album might grow on me with a few more listens but for now, this is what I think of the album. It might change, you never know!

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: Hold Up A Light or Said It All or Greatest Day
Better Tracks: Hello, Julie, You, How Did It Come To This
Least Favorite Track: The Circus or Up All Night


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