New Music! EDITED!

Quite a few new releases/discoveries these past few days, so let's get this rolling!
  • As we all know, the new Same Difference single leaked in full earlier this week. We Are One is easily in this year's top ten most amazing tracks!
  • I got sent over a song by a band called the Melloncollies and I quite like it, actually. The song's called Misery(although I don't see why...), and it's got this rock/60-ish thing going on, which is around the same period they based Westlife's Get Away on. Cool!
  • A version of another one of my favorite pop songs this year, Katharine McPhee's Connected(despite it being for a Barbie movie..), was just released. Amy Diamond recorded a version for the Swedish soundtrack and although I think Katharine's version is more bubblegum pop-ish than Amy's, it's a great version, a must listen if you love the original!
  • My review of Taylor Swift's Fearless is finally done! Read it here if you haven't already.
  • I've heard parts of David Cook's new album since this morning(I had class!) but I'm kind of liking what I'm hearing. I'll give it a listen tonight and possibly review it sometime tomorrow or Sunday.
  • There's this song called Stand By You by this Danish duo S.O.A.P that I'm really loving right now(yet another of my favorite blogs featured something about them). It was later covered by S Club, with a more sugary-sweet pop feel and stronger vocals but I adore both versions!
  • On the subject of S Club, I've been listening to a lot of them lately, and I've rediscovered my love and ultimate adoration for Alive, one of the most brilliant songs they ever made.
  • Well, Taylor Swift performed Love Story at the CMA's. Will watch the video and edit once I've finished, OK?
  • I'm loving Agnes Carlsson's Dance Love Pop even more than I already do(and I adore it a lot..)! I've been listening to it a lot these past few days, and I'm loving it!
  • I'll put up the new top fifteen in a while, so watch out for it!
EDIT: I can't believe I forgot something important, AGAIN!
  • The new Same Difference video came out a few days ago, I'm loving it!
What to expect this week:
  • A review of David Cook's new album
  • A new addition to the Westlife special
  • I might get to finishing my review on the Sara Bareilles live album
  • And heaps more!(Maybe..)


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