The best songs of 2008 start tomorrow!

December is the final month of the year and with that, let's look back at the best songs of 2008. Before I start revealing this year's best, here's how they were chosen.

The Selection Process:
1. The songs must be on an album, single or EP released in 2008. If for example it was released as a single in 2007 but the album containing that song was released this year, then it qualifies. If it was on an EP this year and it is released on a full-length album or LP next year, it will qualify for both years, you get the picture.
2. The song cannot be shorter than 2 minutes and longer than 5 and a half minutes.
3. It is not based on a certain sound or popularity, it's based on my likes and dislikes so it's my favorite songs of 2008.
4. One entry per artist. Even if the artist had maybe 4 or 5 amazing songs, only one can enter the countdown. This is to keep fair competition among all the entries.
5. The selection may be very limited. I may not have heard a certain album that was released this year but is amazing so this is not in any way, 'official'.
6. Remixes released this year of songs released before 2008 will be eligible. But I'm not a big fan of remixes.
7. If for example, an album was released in 2007 but was re-released in 2008, only the singles released in 2008 and the added songs will be eligible. For example, Natasha Bedingfield's 'Pocketful Of Sunshine' was released only in the US and had some songs from her previous album, 'NB'. The songs that were previously on 'NB' will be disqualified and only the added songs will be eligible.
8. Live performances will only be allowed if they were officially released on an album by the record label and charted on any official chart(e.g., US, UK, iTunes, etc.).
9. Songs from American Idol are eligible, as long as they are the studio recordings. See: rule above
10. Where the song was released does not matter. If for example it's a US or UK only release, it will still be eligible. Some goes for every other country.
11. Compilations with various artists are eligible as each song has a different artist. Same goes for soundtracks, the one entry per artist rule is observed.
12. Cover versions are allowed, as long as the cover was released this year.

The Format:

The list will start building up on December 1 and will end on December 31. The songs will be posted in no particular order, as there are too many amazing songs to actually order them. BUT, the very last song I will post is my ultimate favorite song of 2008 and will be the only one posted on that day, along with a full list of my favorite songs.

As of now there are 67 songs to post, but the number may or may not increase during the month. The only thing we're sure of is that no song will exit the list starting today.

EDIT: ALL the songs have now been finalized, and the list is locked. There are now 72 songs, and that is the FINAL LIST.

The order will be decided like this: I put the playlist on shuffle and whatever pops out first will get posted. BUT, the best song of the year will be last.


Let the fun begin!


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