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So the Same Difference album has leaked, and I gave it a listen last night. I'd love to say right now that I adore each and every song on the album and I wanna worship Simon for making such an amazing album, but that's not what I think of it.

You have the endless covers. I thought it was only Westlife who were getting them from Simon but SD are as well. You've got some stuff they sang on the X Factor, then the Marie Serneholt cover, the Kylie cover and then two Six covers, Let Me Be the One and Still Amazed. So half of the album is comprised of covers.

The covers are OK, but my problem is doing them in the first place. Westlife proved with Back Home that they could persuade Simon and Louis not to give them that many covers(and rumor has it that their next album won't have any covers..), so why can't SD? They may go with the rest of the album and the over-all sound they're trying to make, but we get enough covers with Westlife.

That aside, POP IS AMAZING.

I know, I know, I just contradicted myself but I want to make a point that I want their next album to be 100% original, 'coz it seems like it's possible, by the originals I'm hearing on this album.

I've said multiple times that pop music is a formula, an constant formula that's altered every few years to match the market of choice. Pop follows that formula down to the last note, and that will almost always guarantee a massive-selling album.

We all know that We Are One is amazing, but I have to admit, I would've wanted All Roads Lead To Heaven to start the album, sort of set the mood and We Are One to end it. Then I'd ideally want a few more changes with the track listing, but the songs alone are all strong.

The two Six covers, Let Me Be the One and Still Amazed(wasn't that The Way It Used To Be?) are OK, the arrangements are good, the vocals are strong and the melodies are amazing but they're covers. Right Between the Eyes is probably one of my favorites on the album, sounds a bit more American than Brit, actually. The melody is everything an SD song has come to be, gorgeous but brilliantly catchy, a perfect recipe for any pop song.

The verses of Starts To Beat Again sound a lot like a song I've heard millions of times, but I can't name it. It's got those R&B touches, but the melody just blows you away, I just wanna turn the volume up and concentrate on it's brilliance.

Surprisingly, their cover of Kylie's Turn It Into Love is actually quite good. Putting aside the fact that it's a cover, they do a pretty good job, and the chorus just explodes. Better Love Me is amazing as well, sounds like a STEPS song, which is amazing!

Covers or no covers, the album is amazing, and I really want it to hit number one, it deserves it! I'm a sucker for pop like this, more so if it's made now since we all know that it's in short supply at the moment.

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: Starts to Beat Again/We Are One
Better Tracks: Everything else
Least Favorite Track: none, actually
THE RATING: 4.99999999/5(I just have the covers issue, but apart from that, AMAZING!)


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