Taylor Swift - Fearless

I finally got the time to sit down and write this review. Fire away!

There's no one else doing what Taylor Swift is doing, no one else making music that sounds a lot like her songs and especially no one else doing it as good as how she's doing it.

The reason why I think this album is so mind-blowingly brilliant is that Taylor Swift is trying to be nothing but herself. The common truth is that if an artist co-writes a song, he/she didn't really do that much but the music is proof that Taylor had a lot of input into this album, the music is distinctly her. I keep on saying an artist's identity is very important, and Taylor Swift is the perfect example of someone this young doing something this well. Even Vanessa and Ashley, who are both older than her, can't do what she's doing music-wise.

She's not taking orders from record company executives who want to sell, who'll make an artist whatever's popular at the moment. Taylor Swift's the picture of dreams coming true and making your own career, and she does it extremely well.

Another reason why I think she's so popular is that people can relate to her lyrics. I don't talk about lyrics a lot, mainly because I think if you like a song because of the lyrics, you should be reading poetry. With Taylor Swift's case, the lyrics come second to the melodies and instruments, which are both amazing. Anyway, she talks about things that people her age can relate with, and she makes it understandable. No metaphors or deep figures of speech that you need to analyze, it's like she's just having a conversation with you.

Fearless is an amazing song, very refreshing and a cool start the the album. The song was amazing since day one, and the melody's something you can sing along to. Fifteen's probably one of my favorites on the album, the melody's brilliant as well, but it's also something you can easily sing a long to.

Another reason why Taylor Swift's music just works, anyone can sing along to the songs. She doesn't have the most amazing voice on earth, but she makes up for it by releasing all this amazing material.

Let's skip a lot of the tracks and stop at Forever and Always. It's an amazing song, and it's got the more country rock/Paramore(a really small hint..)-ish sound, but never completely. Yet another reason why she's so good, Taylor Swift may take influences from other artists and genres, but she never copies. It's never "Oh, that sounds like a Paramore song," it's "Oh, that's got rock-ish influences mixed with her style," it just works.

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: Forever and Always
Better Tracks: Everything Else!
Least Favorite Track: None. Every track's amazing.
THE RATING: 5/5(Perfect! AGAIN!)


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