Yes people! We Are One is here! I heard the LQ version earlier today but a better quality one just came out.

The release of We Are One marks the return of the pop we've all been craving for, and not just in the good way, this song was done brilliantly. I wasn't a big fan of SD back when they were on the X Factor, I thought their vocals were a bit off, but the recording studio works wonders, doesn't it?

The song sounds a lot like something straight out of the British version of HSM, but has all these elements of pop groups like STEPS, S Club and that bunch. We've been missing this kind of music for a long time now, with people like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse ruling the charts, but I really hope this becomes a gigantic single, it certainly deserves to be.

Every aspect of this song was perfected and done brilliantly, there's nothing else SD can do but sit back and watch people clear shelves of the single while waiting for the chart positions and sales figures. Don't forget to BUY it when it comes out on the 24th, OK? OK. For now, listen to the brilliance that is We Are One!

EDIT: Thanks to Ken for the HQ version, I'M LOVING IT EVEN MORE! I seriously want to die with the level of amazingness this song has. That or turn up the volume really, really high and tune everything else out!
RATING: 5/5!


  1. hi! just wanderin if you already have the HQ version. well, i found it so here it is:

    We Are One - Same Difference
    320 kbps HQ (untagged):

    credit: kylist4r


  2. oh me goooosh! THANK YOU! haha.. I've been too lazy to hunt for the HQ version(so I got the one from YDKP).. THANKS! downloading at the moment! haha..

  3. I really like this song! Thanks Ken for the link and Nikki for the wonderful review :D


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