New Videos!

I have class tomorrow, so I might not be able to post but for now, here are some amazing new videos!

The video for Hero is out, we saw a few clips and behind the scenes footage during last Saturday's live show, so here we have the video in full! Amazing stuff.

The new Natalie Bassingthwaighte video is out as well..

A bit off topic: I've heard the new Same Difference single! Bad quality, but I ADORE IT! EEP! *freaks out*


  1. IT'S SO FANTASTIC (the Same Difference single).

    Completely random question that should probably have gone on your Westlife post, but, since you're a fan, could you tell me if you consider "Something Right" a 2007 or 2008 single? I know I heard it on radios (Swedish, of course, and maybe South African or Greek) in 2007--did it actually get released anywhere or was it just a radio single?

    (I know this seems like a random and pointless question, but I'm thinking about end-of-year charts.)

    In other news, I am an awful commenter, but your site = BRILLIANT. I love love love your writing.

  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! haha..

    'Something Right' was on Back Home(duh..), which was released in 2007 but then it was released in Asia and Australia earlier this year(the UK got 'Us Against The World', which is strange, but that's a completely different thing..), complete with a single cover and music video so it's a 2008 single, I guess.

    Aww.. thanks! I've been reading your blog for ages now! haha..


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