This week's top fifteen!

1. We Are One - Same Difference
2. The Loving Kind - Girls Aloud
3. Forever and Always - Taylor Swift
4. Breathe Slow - Alesha Dixon
5. Release Me - Agnes Carlsson
6. Halo - Beyonce
7. Insomnia - Craig David
8. Work - The Saturdays
9. Greatest Day - Take That
10. Find Your Way - Natasha Hamilton
11. Don't Miss You - Amy Pearson
12. You Make It Real - James Morrison
13. Used2B - Jessica Mauboy
14. So Hard, So Far - Clique Girlz
15. Forever - Chris Brown

This week's top fifteen! A few new entries from Alesha Dixon, Jessica Mauboy and Natasha Hamilton, and A LOT of movement. Same Difference is still number one though, with Girls Aloud still at a close second. Recap the top fifteen for the whole week on the sidebar!


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