Ricki-Lee - Brand New Day

So I scheduled a post with this title, but I didn't really write anything(haha..), so I'll write something now!(Too lazy to study..)

From what I've heard, Ricki-Lee's departure from Australian Idol was a huge shock, and I think I see why. I mean her voice is huge! But, her elimination caused something good, she's able to make music she wants to make, at least that's what I'm hearing from her albums.

This album blew me away.

All the tracks have something about them, something really cool and relaxed, but her voice gives the songs the intensity it needs. The melodies just makes you want to strangle whoever whipped them up, sugary sweet pop confections with lots of kick and bite that make you want to blast them out and just sit down and listen.

Can't Sing A Different Song and Can't Touch It are the fiercer songs on the album, pop-y but with lots of Beyonce-like elements. The song may be very intense and fierce, but her voice does it justice. It's not flat or too lazy, her voice has aggression, body and lots of kick. Brand New Day comes along right after Can't Sing A Different Song, and it's like a breath of fresh air, with this really saccharine-sweet melody and light instrumentation, the song just relaxes you.

Melody Of Life, World Go By and I Appreciate You all sound like a heavier Brand New Day, with the minor-like melody and the heavier instrumentation, they sound like something, with a bit of alterations, that Natasha Bedingfield or Sara Bareilles can sing. Love Is All Around, a cover of the Agnes Carlsson song, is amazing. The song itself(covered heaps of times..) is just a brilliant pop song that sounds somewhat 'uplifting' or something to that effect. Add Ricki-Lee's powerful vocals and you've got a brilliant combination.

Real Good Time wasn't a song I really liked when I first heard the album, but it's grown on me since. It's got a reggae feel with the instrumentation, but the melody is distinctively pop, down to the very last note. Plus, the transition from verse to chorus is just brilliant, making it one of my ultimate favorites on the album.

I've heard something like Take Me To A Place before, but I can't put my finger on it. Still, the melody shows off Ricki-Lee's voice and just makes you sit back and listen in awe. Alone No More sounds like a song straight out of a Cheetah Girls movie with the melody and the sparkly instrumentation. Oh, and the lyrics really sound like something from TCG.

Clouds is perhaps the cutest song on the album, with the really, really cute instruments and the brilliant melody. Doing justice to it's title, the song is very light, very relaxing but not lazy. It's got dynamics, but it's light and it just floats but you know it's there, it doesn't just float by.

It's Just Life always makes me want to burst out crying. The melody put together with the instrumentation and lyrics just hit the spot. It's probably the most brilliant song she's ever made. I can't describe it more, I might not do it's brilliance justice. Seriously. Just listen to the song, I'm just blown away by it every single time.

So, to sum up the album:
Best Track: It's Just Life
Better Tracks: Everything Else!
Least Favorite Track: None of them.
THE RATING: 5/5(Perfect! YES!)


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