A short, random update..

School has been a huge pain, and I've got a big debate tomorrow. Gar! Anyway, I've got time for a short updates. The reviews for the Britannia High Soundtrack and Take That's Circus will come sometime this weekend.
  • I'm loving Lemar at the moment. The Reason is BRILLIANT.
  • I'm almost done with listening to the Britannia High Soundtrack, and I'm loving what I'm hearing, some song are just pure genius.
  • I've heard the new Take That album briefly, and there are a few songs that've caught my ear. One more listen and I'll have a solid opinion on the album.
  • Speaking of Take That, I'm loving the b-sides to Greatest Day. Amazing stuff.
  • I've heard Britney's new album as well, but I'm keeping my mouth shut. I don't want to get into any more trouble.
  • I got this really rare CD by a Brit girl group called Tymes 4. If anyone's interested in reading what I think about it, just leave a comment and I'll gladly whip up a review for you when I have the time.
  • Can I freak out? I'VE HEARD THE AUDIO OF THE NEW WESTLIFE DVD!!! I'm going to buy my copy of the DVD this weekend(Sony BMG Philippines said that it was released earlier this week, so I'll check out the local record store), and THE CONCERT WAS BRILLIANT. Everybody's voice was in top condition, and the vocals were just amazing. I was getting goosebumps all throughout the songs, and that was just the audio, what if I start watching the video? I might faint. I mean, the fact that there were 80,000+ fans there screaming their throats out, and being able to hear it on the DVD is just amazing.
Relatively short update, I've got a debate speech to write, that's enough heavy writing to do! haha.. Reviews are coming within the next days, so watch out, OK?


  1. -I love love love LEMAR but I haven't got the chance to write up sum review on his material. Maybe sumtime in the future (NEAR).

    -TAKE THAT's CD is plain awesum but i'm still diggin the earlier CD which is BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

    -Britannia High: Not really a fan, but i'm slowly loving it.

    -I'm defo not HEARING Britney's CD until December 2. I'm eager to hear the CD itself. Hahaha.

    anyways, lookin forward to your reviews. tnx. and yeah. SCHOOL is really a pain in the arse right now. Lots lots lots of schoolwork to do. Anyways, catch ya later.

  2. I've only heard one song by Lemar, and thought it was just okay. Maybe I should look into him more?

    Same goes for Britannia High. I thought it kinda felt like a "Fame" or "High School Musical" rip off? No? I'm American so it's hard for me to actually see the show, I have to base it on the music.

    I've only heard "Womanizer" and "If You Seek Amy". I think they are both pretty eh. Typical Britney stuff, you know? Nothing legendary. I'll wait till I've heard the rest.

  3. hey! haha...

    My favorite tracks on the Lemar album are 'The Reason' and 'Wait Forever'.. pure genius.

    Britannia High? I only watch it for the songs, but I have like six or seven favorites from the new OST.. haha..

    Britney. I'm keeping my mouth shut.

    haha.. will get to writing those reviews tonight after class! haha...


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