The Westlife Songs That Should've Been Singles

We all have our opinions about certain songs, if we like a song a lot we say that we want it to be a single, if we hate one, we say that it should've never been recorded but there are some songs that really, in my opinion, should've been singles for Westlife. I'm not so sure if Simon or Louis will agree with me, but from a perspective of a fan who hates the covers and loves the rare songs, here are the songs I really think should've been singles.

NOTE: This post takes a lot of references from the Most Iconic Westlife Songs post, so be sure to read that before reading this.
  • On their first album, there was a song called No No on it, and I really, really think they should've given it a shot in the US, or even as the last single from the album(to gear people up for the C2C era..). It's very bubblegum pop-ish, and more on the uptempo side which makes it perfect for the US market(at the time they were promoting this album..), and as I said, it's like a cross between the Westlife era and the C2C era, making it a perfect transition single from the first to the second album.
  • My Private Movie should've been the lead single for the US campaign, it had all the makings of the perfect success story. It was recorded especially for the US, it sounded a lot like the stuff boybands there were cranking out at the time, and it had Westlife's distinct vocals and even a bit of their style there. So why wasn't it a single? Gar.
  • Dreams Come True should've been the second single from C2C instead of What Makes A Man, it continued the ultra-boyband sound they were going for, and it was an uptempo track, so it should've just worked. Plus the fact that they could've made an amazing dance routine for all the TV performances(not the over the top one they used on tour with the aliens and heavy stuff..) and wow everyone!
  • Evergreen should've been a single from WOOO, primarily so they could kick Will Young's butt and people won't equate the song to Will Young because he didn't originally sing it! This is the second time an Idol winner has robbed a Westlife song and made it popular(Ruben from AI murdered Flying Without Wings, MURDERED I TELL YOU!), but Will Young didn't really murder the song. Still, Evergreen is an amazing song, and it really, truly should've been a single, to gradually move from WOOO to Unbreakable.
  • Turnaround(the song) should've been a single from Turnaround(the album)! Besides the obvious reason(title track? duh.), it had all the makings of the next WOOO(see the most iconic Westlife songs post..) and it was different, edgy and most of all, Westlife-y! With the cool instrumentation and the amazing vocals(Kian had a solo when they went on tour with it!)
  • Hit You With the Real Thing should've been the Christmas single from Face to Face, it's an amazing electro-pop song(see: Pop Poster Girl's review of the song) and it would've prepared the British public for Amazing better than When You Tell Me That You Love Me(the bland duet with Diana Ross) could've ever done. That and the fact that it's just very simply, a brilliant pop song.
  • Catch My Breath should've been the third/fourth single from Back Home, for the simple reason that it's an amazing variation of the standard Westlife formula. It's a ballad with amazing vocals, spot-on harmonies and most importantly, a key change but the overall sound of the song is more modern pop/AC than the pop sound that Amazing and No No have.


  1. I'm actually really happy that someone is celebrating ten years of westlife - i think they have consistently delivered over the course of the career so far and deserve some recognition for it. It's a shame some of their catchier songs like Heal, She's Back and the amazing When You're Looking Like That aren't better known :(

  2. Haha... I know, When You're Looking Like That was the closest thing we got to getting a more upbeat song released as a single, and it was only an Asian promo!

    I can't help myself - I have to celebrate the ten amazing years, even if it means re-listening to my entire Westlife collection!

    By the way, thanks for dropping by!


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