The Best Westlife Live Performances

So let's define the word live first. We know that some supposed live TV performances are actually really mimed, but during rare occasions, artists sing live on TV in the UK. So, a live performance is a performance sung 100% by the act, no miming whatsoever. How do you tell? When an artist sings live, most of the time their voice is more raw, less processed and all those computer-generated voices have to be done by actual people. Then of course, you can look at their ears an see if they have earpieces. If they do, it's live.

These performances are from their tours, OK? OK.

So, what are the best of the best for me? Here goes!

1. Somebody Needs You from the Where Dreams Come True Tour DVD shot at the Point in Dublin, Ireland(2001)

The ultimate boyband song, very pop-y and catchy, and I can't believe they sang it on tour! The dance routine is strange at some parts, but the part when they jump on the chairs during the required dance break is cool. Plus the fact that they actually DANCE with real dancers.

2. Why Do I Love You from the In The Round Tour shot in Copenhagen, Denmark(2002)

There was no DVD for the In The Round Tour, but there is still fan footage floating around the internet, luckily for us. The song itself is amazing, it marks a more mature sound for Westlife while still keeping their teen pop roots in tact. This tour was done in the round, so the lads are walking all around the stage, which is cool. No dance routine, but I don't think it needs one. Nicky has a solo? Whoa.

3. When You're Looking Like That from the Greatest Hits Tour DVD shot at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England(2003)

I love the pauses in between each line at the start, and the intro's cool as well. Plus the fact that this was later in their career and the dancing sort of stopped during this era, but they're still dancing(I remember trying to figure out the steps to this back in elementary school..)! This was the last tour that Brian sang his parts on this song in, he left the band before the Turnaround tour and Kian took his part.

4. Written In The Stars from the Greatest Hits Tour DVD shot at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England(2003)

Another one of those amazing albums tracks that are performed on tour. The vocals on this are really outstanding, and the fact that they're suspended in mid-air on top of all the fans is really, really cool. Slow song, but it's an amazing performance.

5. Turnaround from the Turnaround Tour DVD shot at the Globe in Stockholm, Sweden(2004)

Solos everywhere! Haha, I love the arrangement on this, a lot of guitar work! The dance routine is cool as well, it just shows how much control Westlife have developed over the stage, how they hold the audience in their palms. Brilliant middle 8 as well! Cool costumes, cool dance routine, amazing arrangement and brilliant song, what more?

6. Amazing from the Face to Face Tour DVD shot at Wembley Arena in London, England

I adore this song, and hearing it live is just brilliant. Amazing performance, white costumes(similar to the WDCT tour outfits?) and a bit of movement here and there. Love it!

7. The 2008 Tour Medley from the 10 Years Of Westlife - Live at Croke Park Stadium DVD shot at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland

I haven't included a tour medley yet, but this is a huge exception. It's probably the only time they go near the audience, and you can see the reaction. They dance, sing and run around the audience, what else can you ask for? Plus the fact that they were performing some amazing songs in front of over 80,000 of their biggest fans was just amazing to watch, even if I wasn't really there during the actual concert.

That's it, seven of the best Westlife live performances, I hope you enjoyed watching them! I did! haha..


  1. the medley in croke park in ten years of westlife. it's the best. full of energy.


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