X Factor 5 Live Show - Week 8

I can't believe Ruth went this week, it should've been Eoghan. NOOO!!

American themed this week, I haven't seen Britney's performance yet, but I might watch it sometime tonight.

The Boy: Eoghan did OK, but he was by far the weakest in terms of vocals. He's cute, he can sing songs OK, but he doesn't have Alexandra's powerhouse voice or Diana's amazing control and quirk. He should've gone instead of Ruth this week, really.

The Group: Their first song was a bit disastrous, but their second song was amazing. One thing though, isn't Louis pushing it too hard with the Westlife thing? I mean, those outfits resemble their opening outfits during the Face To Face tour and that song was one of the band's favorites on their 2006 release, The Love Album, that Louis and Simon picked for them. Still, they're amazing singers and they are so in the final!

The Girls: Amazing stuff from the girls tonight and like last week, that's all that needs to be said.

The Over 25: Let me repeat it again, RUTH SHOULDN'T HAVE GONE. She's an amazing singer and performer, she had every right to be in the semi-final. Garrr.

The results show performance: Britney's Womanizer, and Miley Cyrus sang at the end of the live show(pre-recorded..)

The sum-up in one sentence: EOGHAN SHOULD'VE WENT, NOT RUTH!

What I want to happen next week: Eoghan to go, so Alexandra, Diana and JLS can let the competition begin.


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