X Factor 5 Live Show - Week 7

Argh, I didn't do this last week. Gar. Gar. Gar. But it's back, so rejoice!(I think..)

DANIEL FINALLY WENT LAST WEEK! YEEEEESSSSSSSSSS! I'm so happy that we don't have to suffer seeing another beautiful song being murdered.

Take That week! I'm loving their new stuff, but watching all their old videos keeps on slipping my mind(maybe I should do it tomorrow morning..), so I quite enjoyed this week's show. So what did I think?

The Boy: Eoghan's performance was good, it was strong, and I loved the song for him. I've heard it before, but I had no idea it was Take That, so for once, I enjoyed it! Although, for a short while there, he was being overpowered by the choir of girls, did he not know the notes, or was it really meant to be like that? He still deserved to go through, though.

The Group: JLS were consistent again this week, they sang the song beautifully, definitely didn't deserve to be in the bottom two. On the song choice issue, I side with Dannii, she had every right to choose the song she did(see my comment below.).

The Girls: Eep! Alexandra and Diana were AMAZING! Brilliance. What more can I say?

The Over 25's: Ruth's performance was consistent, and it was very good. Rachel. She has a beautiful voice, over-sings a bit, but that can be remedied, by choosing the right songs. You hear the gorgeous Take That version that was very slow, very gentle but slowly built up to a grand-ish ending, and it was a HUGE hit, so everybody pretty much knows that song by heart, and then you hear Rachel's over-sung, shrill-ish version and it's like, "I'm not convinced," so I think it was her time to go.

The results show performance: The AMAZING new Same Difference single, which was clearly mimed, but amazing. Then Rhydian's new single as well!

The sum-up in one sentence: The right things happened at the right time this week, so I'm happy.

What I want to happen next week: Everyone to rock next week, but I think Eoghan is closer to the bottom two than everyone else.


  1. Rachel was amazing last night. I can't believe she's gone. EOGHANN should LOSE! David Archie wannabe. Hahaha (JK!)


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