The battle of the post-album singles!

OK, so all three girl groups have announced or premiered videos or started promoting their post-album singles, so I think it's time to start the battle! Haha..

1. Sugababes - No Can Do

No Can Do for me was one of the less prominent songs on the album, but I thought it was strong. By the live performances, I'm slowly starting to adore the song, so let's wait and see!

2. The Saturdays - Issues

I thought Issues was a gorgeous song when I first heard the album, and I stand by that. The way the song flows is just brilliant. The video's a bit different from their previous ones that were jam packed with color and processing. This one has significantly less, and the only appearance of 'their colors' is with the umbrellas, which are cool! I kind of reminds me of the Call The Shots video though. I don't know if it'll be a number one single, but it might be!

3. Girls Aloud - The Loving Kind

No video yet, but I heard somewhere that it'll be out sometime next week! Brilliant song, and I said that it had become my favorite Girls Aloud song, and it still is! Amazing stuff, fingers crossed for another number one! No video, so just listen to a medium quality version..

My ratings will come when all singles have been released, which is most likely January next year!


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