X Factor 5 Live Show - Week 5

It was Mariah Carey week, and with that comes a lot of pressure, so how did everything come out?

The Boy: Eoghan was so-so this week, nothing special, but enough to get him through to next week.

The Girls: Let me get one thing straight, LAURA SHOULDN'T HAVE GONE HOME! She had one of the best voices, and I can't believe she was sent home. Diana couldn't perform this week, and it was so devastating to see what she was going through, I know how much laryngitis can affect your voice and your chances of being able to perform. Alexandra's performance was strong, and I think pulling off a song like that takes a lot of time and effort so what she did was amazing.

The Group: JLS were mind-blowing this week, I adore their performance. One note though, if Louis is pushing for them to be a vocal harmony group, JLS have to work on their harmonies. They're there, you can hear them and they sound good, but they need to push their voices, they lack the power that Westlife had during their early days. You listen to a JLS harmony and then a Westlife harmony during the early days or as a four-piece and you hear the difference. Nevertheless, they're amazing singers and with a little more work, they might even claim Westlife's throne! haha. Has anyone else noticed that this is the second time they've talked about Westlife and JLS in the same sentence? haha..

The Over 25's: I just want to strangle Daniel and send him home. Seriously, his voice is so lounge-y(in the negative way, as always..) and one-dimensional. I can take one-dimensional voices, as long as they know how to manipulate that dimension into different sounds and structures. His voice is lounge-y enough and he still sang a song that made the performance even worse! Rachel's performance this week didn't sell for me, because I don't think her voice matched the song, but she went through, so good for her. Ruth was strong this week, I don't think she should've been in the bottom 2.

The results show performance: Mariah Carey's Hero with the final 12 'singing' at the end. No microphones, were they really singing?

The sum-up in one sentence: Almost everyone got past this week, except Daniel, he really should've went.

What I want to happen next week: DANIEL HAS TO GO! I've had enough of the unworthy safe weeks for him. JLS have to maintain, and Diana has to bounce back next week give us the best performance she's ever given.


  1. OMG I FREAKIN' LUV U! we share the same opinion! DANIEL HAS TO GO!!


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