This week's top tracks!

1. The Loving Kind - Girls Aloud
2. Insomnia - Craig David
3. Release Me - Agnes Carlsson
4. Work - The Saturdays
5. Don't Miss You - Amy Pearson
6. Stay My Baby - Amy Diamond
7. You Make It Real - James Morrison
8. Halo - Beyonce
9. Forever - Chris Brown
10. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Carrie Underwood
11. Holiday - Hilary Duff
12. So Hard, So Far - Clique Girlz
13. Side Chick - Sugababes
14. Ordinary Days - Leon Jackson
15. You Can - David Archuleta

Apologies for not posting since Wednesday, school just started and I had lots of stuff going on. But I'm back, and the weekly top ten is now the weekly top FIFTEEN! Yes! Bigger and better!

A lot of new entries this week from David Archuleta, Hilary Duff, Beyonce, James Morrison, Amy Pearson and Amy Diamond! Still, not that much movement within the top three, except that Agnes Carlsson rises to number three. Below though, a lot of songs have fallen to make way for the new entries! Quite a few exits as well. Recap the top fifteen for the rest of the week on the sidebar!


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