X Factor 5 Live Shows - Week 4

Here we go again! Let's get this recap rolling..

The Boys: Well, Simon and Louis are now equal, with one act each remaining. The only difference is that Eoghan sucks and JLS rock! Haha. I still think that Simon's patterning Eoghan after David A., and the similarities are obvious. Still, he could've done something different with the song choices. Austin's performance was so-so, and the song was really difficult but someone had to go(haha.)

The Girls: Diana was once again amazing. I mean, the way she handled the vocals on that song amazingly but I've got to agree with Simon, the routine was a bit cheesy, but isn't disco cheesy? Alexandra's vocals were consistent, and the song choice was OK, once again, enough to let her through to next week. Laura was brilliant tonight, and the song choice was good as well. Which is why all three girls still deserve to stay for another week!

The Group: JLS were amazing for yet another week! A bit rough at the start but they did what they had to do. They showed that they could definitely sing a song, and do it well minus all the choreography and stage design.

The Over 25's: WHY DID DANIEL JUST SAIL THROUGH TO NEXT WEEK? His vocals were too lounge singer-y, his song choice was just bad and he just sucked this week. Let me get this straight, Daniel is not very versatile, he can't successfully pull off a disco song or something a bit more on the fast side, and that just can't cut it in music. Rachel wasn't as good as last week, and everybody noticed it but I don't think she should've been in the bottom two, it should've been Daniel(again!). Ruth was OK this week, and the song really fit her voice.

The results show performance: Will Young's Grace. Good performance, but I still can't forgive him for murdering Westlife's Evergreen!

The sum-up in one sentence: JLS definitely stood out this week, but disco week is finally done and over with so we can go back and concentrate on the less cheesy elements of the music industry.

What I want to happen next week: Once again, I want Daniel to suck, so he can finally go, and my favorites to keep being amazing!


  1. the BAD side: no no no! not Austin! I really am despising DANIEL! He sucks! He should be gone from the show RIGHT NOW! Petitions please! Anyone???? BOOO!!!

    The good-side: At least, we still have Laura, Diana, JLS and Alexandra...

  2. I KNOW! Austin's vocals were not the best, but they weren't as bad as Daniel's. On a good day, he actually sounds a bit like Lee Ryan!

    AUSTIN CANNOT KEEP ON GOING THROUGH BECAUSE OF SYMPATHY VOTES! These people need to get their heads straight and vote for the people who can REALLY sing!


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