Stay My Baby

Call me ignorant or just plain stupid but I just found out a few minutes ago that Stay My Baby from the iCarly soundtrack is a cover of an Amy Diamond song(another one of my favorite blogs featured an Amy Diamond song so I got curious..).

It's good to know that the Sugababes weren't the only ones whose song was murdered. I mean, the version isn't that bad, but seriously, if Miranda Cosgrove records a song by European artists who have never gotten a shot at the US and then the songs get really popular, it's like she's stealing the fame that's rightfully theirs, mainly because the song she used was someone else's.

OK, that might not happen, but I like Amy's version better. There's something about the original version of a song that makes me go wow. Plus, I like the way she delivers her vocals, and the fact that she doesn't look or sound old like Miranda, and so the juvenile lyrics suit Amy more. The song is a perfectly crafted pop song. It's got a somewhat catchy chorus, some OK verses, and a very standard pop video.

I'm slowly adoring this song, and getting a hold of the album as we speak! Below are the videos to both versions, Amy's first then Miranda's. I personally adore Amy's version more! haha. enjoy!

the RATING(for the song as a song, not the versions..): 4.6


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