# 72: Vanessa Hudgens - Paper Cut

See my first review of it here.

Identified may have been a complete and utter mistake but there was one song that somewhat saved the album, even a bit. Paper Cut is a brilliant song, and it even manages to mask Vanessa's nasal voice a bit.

Everything about this song is right. The vocals, the arrangement and most of all, the melody. It continues from where V left off, probably the only song on Identified to do so, and it was clearly done well.

I personally adore the song, it's one of those semi-big songs that make you want to turn the volume up REAL HIGH.

This song was clearly thought through and through, and there was no expense spared to make it amazing. The continuity and the brilliance just make it one of the best songs of 2008.


  1. Wow. I thought I was alone on this song. So many people I talked to would go on and on about Vanessa. I thought her first album was alright, but "Sneakernight" makes me want to lob my ears off with broken glass. "Paper Cut" was the only song I liked off the whole album. :) Good choice.

  2. Nope, and I agree with you, Sneakernight is one of the worst songs this year, I just can't stand it.

    The rest of "Identified" for me is too confused, but this song just blew me away..


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