Some songs I just got, re-discovered or listened to again this week..

Let's get this rolling..

1. Just in this morning from Ashley Tisdale, 'I'm Back' is not something I'm raving about. Stylistically, the song is good, the melody's strong and the vocals are well, expected. What blows it for me is that she made absolutely no transition from her first album, it doesn't sound fresh. I'm always complaining that artists change too much in the wrong way or experiment too much once they release their sophomore albums(Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus...) and now I complain that they don't change, what am I really looking for? I need something that's fresh, new but not completely different. The best example of my point is Jordan Pruitt. Her first album was good, it showed off her vocals and it defined her as an artist. Her sophomore release was amazing, the songs were gorgeous but if you listened to her first and didn't know that you were listening to her second, you'd know it's her. So I hope Ashley's new album is light years better than Vanessa's.

2. I've heard the new NKOTB album and there are a few solid tracks but I just re-discovered(if I even did..) their current single, 'Single'(redundant much..). I don't know if it's the video or the song or what but I clearly remember that when I first heard the song, I wasn't a big fan of it. Oh well, things change.

3. The 'Extended' iTunes version of 'Now or Never' from HSM3 is the same old 'Now or Never' we've all heard with maybe some dialogue and a longer start, nothing special.

4. Just got my hands on Annie's new album, 'Don't Stop'. I haven't listened to the whole thing though, but it's looking up to be a great album.

5. I caught on to the Chris Brown 'Forever' frenzy a bit late but hey, I can't believe I absolutely adore the song. It's a bit more pop than his other songs(which explains why I like it..) but(here we go again with the identity thing..) it's very him. The chorus is as catchy as you can get and it fits perfectly into the club scene without a remix! I just can't get enough of this song! I still kinda cringe a bit when I hear the doublemint catch phrase, but I must admit, the advert and the way it's tied up with the song is hands-down brilliant, see?


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