Some random, spur of the moment, short reviews...

I haven't really had the time and will to write single, long reviews these past few weeks so I'll be writing a few short reviews for now..

1. New Kids on the Block with Lady GaGa - Big Girl Now

OK, I've been listening over to the NKOTB album these past few weeks but I've only pin-pointed a single favorite track, my favorite of the favorites and it's their duet with Lady GaGa.

I absolutely adore her(although I have gotten a bit sick of her album, I still think it's genius) and this song is probably a more modern NKOTB. I mean, I love the R&B stuff, but they're a bit too generic to compete with the heavyweights and this is probably the song that's most like an updated NKOTB pre-split sound.

Rating: 4.7/5

2. Taylor Swift - Love Story

I. Absolutely. Adore. This. Girl.

I loved her first album, loved 'Beautiful Eyes' just a bit more but I simply ADORE this new song.

Once again, the music industry has gotten someone right, in the form of Taylor Swift. She'll be making the shift from first album to second very gracefully by the looks of it. I mean, this song is amazing. Her first album showed us that she could sing and write good, solid songs well for her age but I think this second album will just blow us away, show us exactly what she's made of and get us hooked on her music even more.

Rating: 5/5

3. Karina - 16 @ War

Has anyone besides me noticed that she sounds like Beyonce + Rihanna + Keri Hilson?

Anyway. This girl HAS TALENT. Not the 'Charice Pempengco(or however you spell it), too big for her age' voice but the 'OMG, SHE'S AMAZING not too old for her age' voice. You can sense that she's maybe two or three years older than she actually is if you listen to the album but no more than that(although the song is a dead giveaway to her age...).

The song is amazing, the melody is priceless and it's just an amazing song. I cannot believe it only peaked at number 51 on the R&B charts...

Rating: 4.8/5


  1. hiiii..
    mwahaha. send mo sakin yung taylor swift thingie.


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