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So I'm too lazy to do my homework(I know, I know.. I'm such a bad influence.) so I'll blog instead. Here are some of the new goodies I've discovered so far this week.

1. Just in this morning, LEON JACKSON'S NEW SINGLE! Before Leon, the X Factor has got it right two out of three times, but with Leon, they've got it right again. I must say, this is all I've been listening to all day in school and I just can't get the quirk and 50's/60's but not sound out of my head, it's so damn amazing. His voice got better, it's so friggin' amazing(and quite sexy.... seriously.) and listening to him with an original song(not the X Factor winner's single..) makes me adore this guy even more. The new album's called 'Right Now' and it's out on October 20, not very long from now, is it?

2. Christina's new single, 'Keep's Getting Better'. Now I know it's been out for a week or so already but to be honest, when I first heard it, I wasn't impressed but after I saw her VMA performance, I realized that I actually like the song. The start and some elements have the Britney-like effects and instrumentation but what makes this light-years better than Britney is that Christina has something Britney will never have, the voice. She's also very good at what she does and it's good to know that people agree with that.

3. Boyzone's comeback single, 'I Love You Anyway' is very musical-ish and has an uncanny resemblance to Christina's new song for some strange reason. I don't know what it is, but when I listen to the two of them(one after the other..), I can sense something's the same. BUT, above all, I absolutely adore the new song, it's amazing!

4. I've listened through Ne-Yo's new album, and for me, it's nothing special. There are a few tracks worth listening to more than the obligatory once but right now I'm listening to it for the second time and I'm a bit sick of it already.

5. Katharine McPhee's new song 'Connected' is a pop masterpiece. It's hard enough to find pop like that these days but to find it in the US, land of R&B, Rap and alternative music, is just plain amazing.


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