High School Musical!?

Now, we all know that the songs from each HSM movie follow a pattern based on the first movie. So what is it? Let's do a recap of the songs from the first movie and their counterparts during the second(and maybe some predictions from the 3rd movie..)
  • First, there are your 'Start Of Something New' and the 'What I've Been Looking For''s. These songs are the secondary songs that Troy and Gabriella sing, second to 'Breaking Free'. The 'What I've Been Looking For''s almost always have reprises, whether it's slower or faster. In the second movie, if I'm correct there was only one song that applied to this, 'You Are the Music In Me'. In the third movie, the 'Start Of Something New' equivalent will be either 'Right Here, Right Now' or 'Can I Have This Dance' and the 'What I've Been Looking For' equivalent will be the medley of reprises.
  • Then you've got your 'Get'cha Head In The Game''s, which are always sung by the guys(most often with Troy and/or Chad on lead/s) and have something to do with sports and game and competition or something to that effect. In the second movie it was 'I Don't Dance' and yet another prediction from me is that the 3rd equivalent is 'The Boys Are Back'.
  • Let's move over to a Sharpay song, the 'Bop To The Top''s. This is the main Sharpay/Ryan song in every movie and in the second one it was 'Fabulous'. In the third one, it's clearly 'I Want It All', very Sharpay.
  • The second Troy and/or Gabriella song are the 'When There Was Me and You''s, the heartbreak-like songs. In the second movie, it was 'Gotta Go My Own Way' and possibly 'Bet On It'. For the third movie, I'm guessing it'll be 'Walk Away', but I haven't heard it yet so I'm not really sure.
  • Now you've got your 'Breaking Free''s. For the past two movies, these have always been sung at some kind of talent thingy. In the first one, it was an audition and for 'Everyday' in the second one, it was the country club's talent show. I can't really clearly see an equivalent from the third movie yet, but I think it's 'Right Here, Right Now'.
  • And finally, you have your ending team spirit/resolving, 'We're All In This Together' songs. In the second movie it was 'All For One' and in the third one, I'm guessing again that it's 'High School Musical'
  • Now, one song that wasn't in the first movie, but is clear in the second and third movies is a 'What Time Is It?'. In the third movie, it's predictably 'Now Or Never' and coincidentally, they were both first singles. Strange, much?
  • Then we have the songs that weren't in the movies but are on the soundtracks. For the first movie, it was 'I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You' and in the second it was 'Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. I have a feeling for the third movie it's 'Last Chance' perhaps?
So, what do you guys think? Am I right or have I got anything wrong? Comment away!


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