Sugababes - Change

An album review! My first(for this blog)!
For an established pop band like the Sugababes with four studio albums prior to this one and a greatest hits collection under their belt, it's relatively easy to create a good, solid pop album. That was what 'Taller In More Ways' was, a good, solid pop album from a good, solid pop act. In 2007, after two years, a greatest hits album, the departure of an original member and the arrival of a new one, the Sugababes came back with a vengeance.

'Change' was, and still is a pop masterpiece.

This album has set the standard for every other pop band in their genre and shown them what these girls are made of. From dance-y tracks like 'My Love Is Pink' and 'Never Gonna Dance Again' to absolute sugary-sweet pop concoctions like 'Back When' and equally amazing 'Surprise' to now institutional tracks like ultra-amazing lead single 'About You Now'(check out my review on the single here) and second single 'Change', this album is just beyond words.

The single choices were excellent. 'About You Now' was just catchy beyond description, 'Change' was enough of a ballad to give Westlife a run for their money and 'Denial' was a good way to top it all off, a solid dance track from the girls just to show the critics what they can do.

Even the non-single tracks were amazing, but none outshone the others, they're all equally amazing tracks.

Which is why this album deserves a...



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