Music.. duh..

As you know, I don't post that much since I'm a busy person but my homework's almost done, I swear!(I think I just have to cut paste some stuff on to a board and I'm done..)


Some assorted stuff. New, old, whatever's on my new iPod! Just a few stuff, I have to finish my homework!

1. DAVID COOK'S NEW SINGLE!!!!! EEEP! The reality show contestant singles just keep rolling in! I swear, I freaked when I saw that it's stream-able already, I mean, COOK!!! The song is very Daughtry meets some other pop/rock band, only this guy rocks! I've been listening to it a few times, but I absolutely adore the song. Bring on the number one and the album!

2. I got Atomic Kitten's videography and I'm reliving old memories. I only realized now how brilliant the songs were.

3. Hearing the new Girls Aloud song in high quality brings out the best in the song, I'm loving it more every day! So expect a full review from me sometime in the coming days(or weeks..), I love the song!

4. Well, Demi Lovato's new album is definitely worth more than one listen for me, very Camp Rock/'new' Disney-ish. It's a surefire top five hit, considering Camp Rock's success(although I don't really like the movie..).

5. I just heard newcomer Elise Estrada's new album(I heard she's Pinay.. don't know much about her..) and I may say, it's not that bad. I mean, if you like the standard, anyone-can-sing type of R&B songs. But there are some killer melodies in that album so if you get the chance, give it a listen!


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