The battle of the girl groups!

OK, to be fair, I'll review the new songs from the girls in chronological order.. So Sugababes first, then Girls Aloud, OK? OK.

1. Sugababes - Girls

A very drastic but welcomed shift from last year's 'Change', 'Girls' takes on a funkier sound from the band. I'd love to have another album like 'Change' but we all knew this had to happen some time. Plus, as far as I know, they're writing their own material! YES!

There are people who try to make a shift from one style to another(ahem, ahem, Vanessa..) but fail miserably because they just don't know what they're doing and just follow their record company. Thankfully, the Sugababes aren't like that. So, I expect another amazing album from the girls.


2. Girls Aloud - The Promise

Just one question, WHY DOES THIS SOUND LIKE THE SUGABABES SINGLE? OK, overreacting. But seriously, they sound the same!

The verses are different but the start just makes me think twice, is this GA or the Sugababes? It's a very drastic change as well, from the dancey-y 'Sexy.. No, No, No!' to this funky pop mid-tempo song. Well, that's GA for you. I mean, I wasn't as shocked when I heard this as when I heard the Sugababes single, mainly because of their history. I mean, from the pop/dance-y 'What Will the Neighbors Say?' to the vintage-inspired 'Biology', they made quite a shift there so yeah.

All in all, I'm looking forward to this album.. a lot of possibilities..



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