Christina Aguilera - A look back..

My homework's all done! Seriously.
So after I watched her amazing VMA performance, I had this sudden urge to listen back to Christina Aguilera's debut album, which I think is a masterpiece.
Ever since, it's been Britney versus Christina but I don't see the point in comparing the two when clearly, it's Christina who has the voice and it's Christina who hasn't screwed up her career. Think Hilary vs. Lindsay but with a clearer winner.

Christina was one of the lucky ones in her generation. Countless others tried but failed, leaving a few unsuccessful singles and sometimes albums, the 'pop princess wannabes' of her generation just disappeared into thin air. Listening over to the album, I realize that she shot to the top not purely because of luck, the songs were phenomenal. 
It was really the right mix of slow, mid-tempo and up-tempo songs to shoot her to the top and show just how better she is than Britney. Songs like 'Come On Over' and 'Genie In A Bottle' are perfect up-tempo pop-y songs, then there are the ultra-amazing mid-tempos like 'Love For All Seasons' and 'Love Will Find A Way' and finally, the songs that make the hairs on your back stand up, 'I Turn To You' and 'Reflection'.

Judging by the success of this album(US #1, 8 times platinum) and how it propelled Christina to the top(a Grammy win for Best new artist in 2000 and another 2 nominations), it has truly become a model pop princess debut album.



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