The weekly recap..

Yes, here we go again!

  • Well, Girls Aloud are(for me..) big news-makers(or whatever you call it..) this week, with their Live Lounge Performance of the new single AND the new video out, I absolutely ADORE them! The video is so COOL! I love it... I seriously can't wait for the album! GA vs. Sugababes? GA wins it this year!
  • The Live Lounge Performance, even if Nadine was nowhere to be found, was DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS. These girls can sing... and sing well! watch it!!!!
  • I have the new albums from Monrose and Robin Thicke, I'll give them a listen over the weekend and tell you guys what I think in the coming week.
  • I LOVE the new James Morrison album, it's a very, very good advance from his first album, and to tell you the truth, the songs are still coming out for him, he's shown us who he is as a singer and now it's just all about sustaining what he's shown us.
  • According to my, 'Up' by The Saturdays is my most listened to track this week and coincidentally, it shoots up from number seven last week to the number one spot this week! Also quite a few new entries(GA rockets into the chart at number three with their new single 'The Promise'), a re-entry at number ten and a few tracks dropping off the countdown. Check it out!
  • To read on more of my favorite stuff, check out my post last Wednesday...
What to expect from me this week:


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