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Gone were the times when, within one year, TV shows cranked out two or three pop groups(and when I say 'pop group', I mean they don't play their own instruments, a pop vocal group), record companies would kill each other to get the bands they thought would sell, and people like me were happily taking all the new stuff that came out. 'Cool' music like R&B and alt-rock is in. So every new girl group that sprouts out in the UK music scene nowadays will always be compared to Girls Aloud or the Spice Girls, the two big girl bands who've preceded them, mainly because of the lack of new girl groups at the moment.

So why should The Saturdays be any different?

Yes, people have been calling them the new Spice Girls or Girls Aloud, but more towards Girls Aloud because of their electro/dance-y songs(at least what we've heard so far) but now the GA are going the 'funky cool' route, that leaves The Saturdays to keep electro/dance fans contented. 

And they've got huge shoes to fill.

I could launch into ranting about how unoriginal they are for doing the electro/pop thing and copying GA down to their clothes but I've come to realize that they're actually a very good band with strong pop songs to cater to the 'new crowd' of listeners. You know, the R&B/alt-rock people? Yeah.

'Up' for me, is a masterpiece. It caters to the old school pop fans(like me) AND the 'cool' music people. It's like Girls Aloud without the same mistakes(need we be reminded of some so-so single choices and some BAD album track choices?), although I'm sure they've made tons of mistakes already(releasing 'If This Is Love' BEFORE 'Up'? they could've just burst into the scene with a number one and broke records! but noooooo..).

The melody is catchy enough for me to be able to sing along to it, but it shows their vocals almost as well. Whoever wrote this song is a genius, and I'm sure he/she'll get a nice big paycheck once this single becomes a smash hit.

SO, I'll give it a 5/5! Amazing stuff!


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